Here, we nurture & inspire.

Wave Street Studios
774 Wave Street
Monterey, California 93940



A Hub For Heart-Felt Inspiration

We see Wave Street Studios — physically and online — as a hub for heart-felt inspiration and practical solutions… as a place to enjoy and share the gift of being alive, of being ourselves.

Openness and gratitude are at the core: We all breathe the same air, we are all fed from the same earth. What separates us are “only” the thoughts and believes in our own head.

Be brave, be yourself; your time is now!


Real People, Local & Online

WE.waveStreet.Studio combines a great physical space and a mind-blowing digital web into a real living network with similar features like Facebook, but

  • Without Advertisements, hype and exploitation: we want you to be free and strong.
  • Family-friendly: we acknowledge that words have power.
  • We foster human experiences: sustainable and joyful.


Share Consciously

Feel welcome at Wave Street Studios in person in Monterey California, and worldwide.

Experience the atmosphere at 774 Wave Street and embrace openness.

Discover your own space or niche and be surprised how delightful you can contribute to yOur well-being, here and now.


We are coming from the heart, we don’t saturate a market:

In order to participate and to create a free account, please send a personal email to or sign up at the Studio Cafe.

This way of connecting might seem a little cumbersome, in our current world of instant gratification, but it is a way avoid spam and to make sure only real people join us.


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